Benefits of Treatment During the Holidays

Mental health issues and addiction often ramp up over the holidays. The holidays are often a stressful time when emotions run high and the use of alcohol or other drugs is prevalent, making it difficult to maintain sobriety and stability.

Get help now and give yourself the gift of recovery. It will be the most meaningful, valuable gift you have ever received.

Here are some reasons why the holidays are a good time to seek treatment:

More Availability During the Holiday: You be able to get into a preferred treatment program right away. There is often little waiting during the holiday nor settling for something less than what you want.

More Privacy – Being absent from work over the holidays means that your co-workers may simply assumed you are on vacation. Being gone for a block of time over the holidays attracts less attention from friends and colleagues.

Prevent Substance Use and/or Relapse– Tucking yourself away in a treatment program keeps you away from all of the holiday parties and family gatherings where trauma, chaos, alcohol or drugs may occur.

Holiday Activities – Most treatment facilities are decorated for the holidays, with lots of events planned and presents for everyone.

Time for Reflection– The holidays are a good time for reflection. Away from all the chaos, you have time to begin to understand and deal with your own issues.

It’s an Investment – Treatment is an investment in yourself and everyone you love and care about. It will be the most meaningful, valuable gift you ever give to yourself, and to the people who care about you.

No Insurance Deductible – Treatment at the end of the calendar year can be more cost-effective. For individuals who have met their deductible, entering treatment before January 1 can result in significant savings.

Delay can be deadly. Don’t risk another day of active addiction or mental illness. Get help now to avoid the unmerry mayhem that the holidays present. The stakes grow higher as each day passes.

You are worthy of recovery. You deserve healing and the transformational power of recovery. Why wait to unwrap such a precious gift?

Start the New Year off Right. Entering treatment during the holidays sets you up to enter the New Year healthy in recovery.


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