FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CenterPointe Hospital Works with Local and State Agencies to Combat COVID-19

St. Charles, MO, April 6, 2020: CenterPointe Hospital confirms that we have had more than 15 staff test positive for COVID-19.  Additionally, we have had 3 patients test positive as well.  Due to the nature of this virus, we cannot be certain of the original source.  Since the onset of the presence of this virus into Missouri, CenterPointe has been reviewing information from expert resources such as the CDC, State Health and Senior Services and St. Charles Health Department, to guide our response.   We are also in continuous contact with St. Charles Health Department so that they can notify individuals who may have been exposed during this time and determine a proper course of action.

CenterPointe exceeded the recommendations of these experts by offering masks to our staff earlier than was recommended.  Our efforts to control the spread of this virus in our hospital have included eliminating visitation, taking the temperatures of all staff and vendors, distributing masks and other PPE to staff, educating patients and keeping them apprised of developments regarding the virus, encouraging social distancing among patients and reducing group size, quarantining units on which patients with known positive results have resided, providing terminal cleaning of closed units to prepare them for use – and finally making the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily discontinue admissions so that we can ensure that we have taken steps to eliminate as much as humanly possible the chance the virus will be reintroduced into the facility.  We have also moved our outpatient services to being provided through Telehealth so that we can continue services to those in need.

Additionally, recognizing that testing would not be available elsewhere for our staff who were not symptomatic, we made the decision to obtain tests on our own so that we could test those staff who were not symptomatic but had likely exposure which helped us to identify staff with the virus that otherwise would have gone undetected.

CenterPointe will be resuming admissions in the near future and will be releasing information regarding those plans as soon as they are finalized.  We are grateful for our dedicated staff who continue to care for psychiatric patients who need the services we offer, and our thoughts and prayers are with our own staff and all healthcare professionals who put themselves on the front lines to serve the patients affected by this unprecedented event.