How to Care for Yourself During the Holidays

Holiday blues range from mild sadness during the holidays to severe depression. This sadness or depression can be prevented, and if it’s already present, it can be eased. To help prevent and deal with holiday blues, follow these tips:


Basic Good Health

  • Eat right, avoid too much sugar and fat
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Exercise regularly
  • Limit alcohol consumption

Set Realistic Goals

  • Organize your time
  • Make lists
  • Prioritize
  • Make a budget and follow it
  • Delegate
  • Don’t overdo

Healthy Coping Strategies

  • Give yourself a break – you don’t have to be “perfect”
  • Accept help from others
  • Listen to your inner voice especially when you start to feel overwhelmed
  • Share your concerns with others
  • Experience your feelings – it is okay to feel sad
  • Allow yourself time alone
  • Be innovative, create new traditions and ways to celebrate
  • Enjoy activities that are free
  • Allow yourself to be a guest

If You Are Experiencing Holiday Blues

  • Accept your inner feelings and do not feel obliged to feel festive.
  • If you have experienced a tragedy, recent death or romantic breakup, tell people about your needs
  • Express your feelings to those around you in a constructive, honest and open way
  • If you need to confront someone, begin your sentences with, “I feel…”

If Someone You Know is Experiencing Holiday Blues

  • Be a good listener
  • Be aware that holidays can be difficult for people and help them establish what is realistic for them
  • If people express feelings of sadness, be supportive and validate their feelings
  • Invite that person to participate in holiday activities, but don’t be forceful
  • Familiarize yourself with resources such as counseling centers, hotlines and hospitals
  • Let them know you are there for them and willing to help them seek professional help


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