Meet the Health Information Professionals at CenterPointe Hospital!

In Honor of Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week, Meet the HIM Team


Jessica H., HIM Manager – 8 ½ years

“I like to read but once I start a book, I’m glued to it for days. I enjoy my job and love my team I work with.”

Jessica likes to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys watching live bands and trivia nights. An interesting fact about Jessica – she is really interested in paranormal stuff like haunted houses and their history and stories about them.







Jennifer D., Correspondence Secretary – 6 ½ years

“I love strawberries and the St. Louis Blues!”

Jennifer loves spending time with loved ones. She likes to travel and hopes to get to Europe someday. An interesting fact about Jennifer is that she has seen every Matthew McConaughey movie!








Krista K., Health Information Analyst – 2 years

“I love collecting bath and body works candles, especially their Fall and Christmas ones.”

Krista enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing video games. An interesting fact about Krista – she spent 2 weeks in Ecuador for school, while helping their community and learning about their culture. “It was an experience I will never forget!”







Angela S., Health Information Analyst – 2 years

Angela’s hobbies include biking, hiking, or anything active outdoors. An interesting fact about Angela is that she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Illinois.









Kristi H., Coding Specialist – 2 years

Kristi loves going camping, riding four wheelers, fishing and doing crafts. Something interesting about Kristi is that she totally geeks out over the solar system.  “I find everything about it so fascinating!”



Morgan M., Health Information Clerk – 2 years

“I love watching the tv show “The Office” and I love to travel.” 

Morgan likes spending time with friends and family. She enjoys being outside in the autumn weather, especially with her dog, Tucker! An interesting fact about Morgan is that she has never broken a bone.








Health Information Professionals – The work you do ensures the integrity, security, and reliable use of health information and is critical to the decisions and outcomes of a healthy society. #HIPWeek20