What to Bring to Treatment

When you or a loved one is preparing for an inpatient stay, it can be helpful to know ahead of time what you can and cannot bring with you to the hospital. At CenterPointe Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri, our goal is to help ensure a smooth admissions process and a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

This page outlines items we recommend you bring for treatment, guidelines for clothing and other personal items you may wish to bring, and items we do not permit at our facility.  

Recommended Items

Being prepared for a potential hospital stay can help reduce stress and allow for a more streamlined admissions process.  

If you may be checking into our inpatient or residential program, we recommend bringing the following items when you come to CenterPointe Hospital for your assessment appointment: 

  • Insurance and ID documents 
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of current healthcare providers 
  • No more than $20 cash 
  • List of medications you are currently taking 
  • Any uncommon or specialty medications (if you bring medications classified as controlled substances, we may not return them to you upon discharge) 

Please note, we will keep items like purses, wallets, and keys locked and secure during your stay. If you are in one of our inpatient treatment programs, we will provide you with scrubs and basic toiletries. A washer and dryer are available for washing clothing. Patients should only bring home medications and supplies that we do not provide, such as creams, specialty medications, inhalers, ostomy care, and walkers. 

Please note, we will keep items like purses, wallets, and keys locked and secure during your stay.

Guidelines for Clothing & Personal Items

If you are participating in one of our residential treatment programs, you may bring the following clothing items: 

  • Three shirts 
  • Two pairs of pants or shorts 
  • Two sets of undergarments (for example, two bras and two pairs of underwear) 
  • One pair of socks 
  • One set of pajamas 
  • One jacket 
  • One pair of shoes or slippers 
  • One pair of shower shoes or sandals 

To promote a respectful and safe environment for all patients, please observe the following clothing guidelines: 

  • Ensure that all clothing you bring provides adequate coverage. Avoid bringing clothing that is extremely tight. 
  • Please do not bring clothing that has inappropriate or potentially offensive messages, including any clothing that has drug- or alcohol-related content. 

Please note, certain personal items are allowed with some restrictions: 

  • Makeup: All makeup should be in containers that do not contain glass, metal, metal springs, alcohol, powders, or sprays. 
  • Toiletries: Please bring personal hygiene items, but do not bring powders, sprays, or alcohol items. 
  • Other personal items: Patients may bring glasses, hearing aids, and contact lenses as needed. Patients may also bring their own continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, if needed.  
  • Cigarettes: You may bring cigarettes if the packages are unopened and sealed. 

Items That Are Not Permitted

At CenterPointe Hospital, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe environment for patients and staff. For the safety and comfort of others, please do not bring the following items: 

  • Jewelry of any kind 
  • Glass containers 
  • Sharp objects 
  • Strings and ties 
  • Outside food and drink 
  • Powders and sprays 
  • Items containing metal or metal springs 
  • Electronic devices, including laptops, chargers, tablets, vape pens, and cellphones 
  • Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, or alcohol 

CenterPointe Hospital provides all bedding and towels, so you do not need to bring these items. Additionally, please leave all valuables at home. CenterPointe Hospital is not responsible for items voluntarily brought into the hospital. 

The staff at CenterPointe treated me as a unique individual and I have not felt that cared about in a long time. I feel positive about my life for the first time in a long time.

– Alumni