This Father’s Day, CenterPointe Hospital employee, Irshad Khan, is especially thankful after a months-long battle with COVID-19

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( — As we enter Father’s Day weekend, one St. Charles County dad will hold his kids a bit tighter this year.

Irshad Khan usually makes sure others receive exceptional care, but last year he had to lean on others during his battle with COVID-19.

In September, Khan’s case of COVID-19 just kept getting worse.

“I quarantined myself in the room and told my wife and kids don’t come in,” remembered Khan.

He knows what it’s like being in a hospital because he’s the director of provider relations at Centerpointe Hospital in St. Charles, but being a patient was a first.

“I was not doing so well, because it really affected my lungs and I was on oxygen in the hospital and on all the steroids,” said Khan.

After ten days, Khan returned home and he took a turn for the worst.

“I was going down hill and we called a pulmonologist and my lungs were totally infected with double pneumonia, which I had in the hospital but it seemed to increase when I got out of the hospital,” said Khan/

Doctors put him on oxygen for five and a half months and now he says he’s about 85 percent recovered.

“There are times where I feel shortness of breath, fatigue is something that affected me a lot,” he said.

Khan’s wife also tested positive for COVId-19 while her husband was in the hospital. She didn’t tell her family because she didn’t want to add any more stress to the situation. Luckily, she only had mild symptoms.